Team Mission Church and Team MLI

In an era where collaboration is paramount for making meaningful change, the partnership between the Missions Church and Meaningful Life International stands as a beacon of hope and goodwill. Together, we  have embarked on a journey to improve healthcare accessibility and provide clean water to communities in need. As we reflect on our recent medical outreaches and borehole commissioning, it becomes evident that our combined efforts have made a significant impact on the lives of many.

The heart of any successful collaboration lies in shared values and a common mission. Both the Missions Church and Meaningful Life International are driven by a deep sense of compassion and a desire to uplift the underprivileged. By joining forces, we have amplified our capacity to effect positive change, reaching farther and touching more lives than we could have individually.

The Team unpacking medications for the Noanyikpo Community Medical Outreach
An excellent display of Ghanaian cultural dance to welcome the Team from the Vidzrokope Community

The recent medical outreaches organized at Nornyikpo and Vidzrokope by this collaboration have brought vital healthcare services to communities that often lack access to even the most basic medical care. The healthcare professionals and volunteers from both organizations worked tirelessly to provide screenings, treatments, and health education. Through these efforts, preventable diseases are being diagnosed and treated, and lives are being saved.

However, the impact of this collaboration extends beyond healthcare. Access to clean water is a fundamental human right, yet millions around the world still lack this basic necessity. Recognizing this pressing need, the Missions Church and Meaningful Life International commissioned boreholes in these communities. These boreholes are not just a source of water; they are symbols of hope and progress, empowering communities with the resources they need to thrive.

The Missions Church Team with the plague for the Noanyikpo Community
Pastor Kathleen Dana, the leader of the Mission Team, joyfully pumps water from the newly commissioned water well at Noanyikpo
The plaque for the newly commissioned water well at the Noanyikpo Community
The Senator of Noanyikpo, Hon. Charles Agbeve, and the Chief of the Community, Togbui Dziza with the Team
The borehole (water well) at the Vidrokope Community during the Commissioning Ceremony
The plaque for the borehole at the Vidzrokope Community
The Borehole (Water well) at the Vidzrokope Community
A member of the Noanyikpo Community waiting for her turn to put on her new pair of reading glasses
The Chief of the Noanyikpo Community, Togbui Dziza at the medical outreach
A member of the Noanyikpo Community having her blood pressure checked during the medical outreach
A display of the dispensary at the Noanyikpo Medical Outreach
The Chief of the community having his labs done by our medical team
Many from the neighbouring communities ascending to access healthcare during the medical outreach at Vidzrokope
Our medical team at the dispensary
The doctor listening keenly during consultaion
A nurse attending to an elderly man from Vidzrokope

The success of these initiatives would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of everyone involved, from volunteers and donors to local community leaders. It is a testament to what can be achieved when individuals and organizations come together with a shared vision and a spirit of collaboration.

The mission field can be rough, rowdy and tough! After several days and hours of travelling on our bumpy roads, we make time at the end of the trip to relax, rejuvenate and meditate.

A picturesque view of the Kakum National Park
The Team visited the Kakum National Park where we had a great time walking on the suspended bridge and enjoyed the beautiful scenery
The Team listening to briefings from the tour guide at the Kakum National Park
Pastor Kathleen Dana, having fun on the suspended bridge
The Team at the Cape Coast Castle

We also went to the Cape Coast Castle to see the foot prints of the unfortunate events of slavery. It was so heart wrenching to hear the story of the triangular slave trade. Never again should humanity go back to such dark days of history!

The Team at the Cape Coast Castle
A pictureview of part of the Cape Coast Castle

Meaningful Life International specially thanks the lead pastor of the Mission Church, Holmes, USA, Rev. Gregg Johnson and the entire church for their continual and immense support at all times.

God richly bless you all and may His provision and blessings abound to your and your families.

Barely three (3) years of inception, testimonies and the impact stories have been thrilling in the Northern Sector Operations Office of Meaningful Life International.

We continue to embark on Jesus Film Shows and Sunday Services organized in the various communities. These communities include; Kukoonaayili, Zamzugu Yapala in the Savanna Region where twenty-four (24) people gave their lives to Christ, Kudula Community where eight (8) people gave their lives to Christ, Gbumgbum Community in the Nantong District where thirty (30) people gave their lives to Christ,  Nyako in the Nantong District where four (4) men gave their lives to Christ,  Kokpeng, where ten (10) people gave their lives to Christ.

All these communities are Islamic dense areas.

A section of the Zamzugu Yapala Community in the Savannah Region during one of the night crusades
Sunday Service with the children of the Kukoonayili Community
A beautiful gathering as the Word of God is shared in the Kukoonayili Community
A picture of the Kudula Community during the Jesus Film Show
The Gbumgbum Community gathered as they watch Christ through movies
Meaningful Life International Evangelist, Evangelist Joshua ministering to the Kukoonayili Community

The impact of our ministry is been felt by most of the communities in the hitherlands. Even as we celebrate this modest gains and thrilling testimonies, there is still so much to be done.

We want to say a very big thank you to you for your continual support and prayers. It is because of you that we have these success stories.

We call on all to partner with us in our vision to help these deprived communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through church planting activities, medical outreaches, leadership development and the provision of fresh water.

Join us make impact.



Team members at the opening of the borehole

The Bosome Freho District in Ghana’s Ashanti Region is home to the Anuromso Community. There are roughly five hundred (500) individuals living there, of which more than 70% are women and children. For years, the residents of this community have been using unwholesome water sources for both home and industrial uses.  Children, particularly females, frequently had to spend hours gathering water, which prevented them from routinely attending school and limited their future chances. This circumstance had negative effects on the people of the community.


In honor of Joanne Spycher, a borehole was dug for this village by Meaningful Life International in collaboration with the Hartley Spycher family.

A picture of the borehole drilled for the community

The Meaningful Life International Team, under the direction of Dr. Godwin Ahlijah (PhD), launched this significant project on September 12, 2023, for the benefit of the public. The Chief and elders of the community, the District Chief Executive, the Member of Parliament {senator}, and other dignitaries were present at the celebration.  The community was ecstatic about everything that had been given to them.

The Member of Parliament (Senator) also expressed his appreciation for what had been done. He also recounted the number of petitions he had sent to colleagues, companies, associations, and humanitarian organizations asking for their support in providing the community with a clean source of water until our team finally showed up.


Meaningful Life International would like to thank and appreciate the Hartley Spycher Family for this partnership. The community of Anuromso would have never gotten access to a clean and safe water source at this time if the family had not stepped in. Words cannot describe how happy and appreciative we are.

God richly bless you.

The plaque for the water well drilled
A picture of some team members with some leaders of the community

There are still many more ministry opportunities and such communities that are waiting to have a taste of fresh water for the first time in their lives.


We want to invite you, our cherished friend and ministry partner, to continue to partner with us to bring relief to the less privileged.

A video excerpts of what transpired at the inauguration of the water well in the Community


An invite to the Special Annual Christmas Outreach



As the holiday season approaches, the spirit of generosity and goodwill envelops communities around the world. It’s a time when people come together to celebrate, share, and make a positive impact on the lives of others.


In the heart of this tradition lies the Special Annual Christmas Outreach, a heartwarming initiative birthed by Meaningful Life International that exemplifies the true meaning of Christmas.

Children enjoying yhe Christmas time with fun activities
Some kids with their share of a hot meal Christmas present

This year’s outreach has been scheduled to take place on December 25th, 2023, in Medavunu, a deprived community in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. Our activities during this outreach will include the donation of items (clothing and shoes, toys, educational materials, etc.) to the community members, a gift package for about 70 widows, and a Christmas party for the children on Christmas day.


You may donate a Christmas gift to a child or give your widow’s mite to one of the 70 widows by buying a piece of cloth and other food items.


We are counting on your usual partnership and trusting that together we can bring the joy of Christmas to the people of the Medavunu community. We know that God is going to use your gifts to draw many souls to Himself this Christmas.

A tug of peace between members of the commjunity and volunteers
A fun face painting activity for the Children
,The Team Leader, Dr. Godwin Kofi Ahlijah, presenting some gifts to the widows of the community
A time of fun and jubilation - a true essence of Christmas

The Special Annual Christmas Outreaches


The spirit of kindness and generosity permeates communities everywhere as the holiday season draws near. It’s a time when people come together to celebrate, share, and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

In the heart of this tradition lies the Special Annual Christmas Outreach, a heartwarming initiative birthed by Meaningful Life International that exemplifies the true meaning of Christmas.

A wonderful time with the kids

This picture tell tales of the fun times Meaningful Life International brings to the life of these young ones during our outreaches




Access to clean and reliable sources of water is a fundamental human right, essential for sustenance, health, and development. Unfortunately, the people of Nornyikpo have had to leave without this essentail basic need for many years. Nestled between rolling hills and lush forests, Nornyikpo was a picturesque community that had been grappling with water scarcity for generations. Its only water source, a small and heavily polluted stream, was even inadequate to meet the needs of its growing population.

The people of this community had to travel long distances to access water, often carrying heavy loads back to their homes. The lack of clean water led to health issues, particularly among children, women and the elderly, who are more susceptible to waterborne diseases. The absence of a reliable source of clean water had far-reaching consequences for daily life in Nornyikpo. Basic activities such as cooking, cleaning, and hygiene became arduous tasks.

A beacon of hope emerged in early 2023 when the Mission Church, USA through Meaningful Life International donated a borehole that would provide fresh water for the over 500 population in the community. The joy and excitement that greeted the commencement of the project clearly demonstrates how so dear this gesture is to the hearts of the people.  

By providing clean water for Nornyikpo community, we have not only addressed a basic necessity but also ignited a ripple effect of health, empowerment, and prosperity. Above all, the grounds are now fertile for the penetration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The legacy of the partnership between MLI and the Mission Church stands as a testament to the enduring power of human compassion and innovation in addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Your contribution and all you do, supporting us in prayers helps us to fulfill our mission of creating a brighter and safer future for all and above all bringing them the gospel of Christ.

Excited to see the next life-changing and community-impacting mandate we will embark on?

We just wraped up a life transforming missions trip with the Friends of Africa Organisation this August, bringing hope to the hopeless and helping all who are in need. We spent close to a month doing missions in the Akatsi South district of the Volta region. We organized free medical outrreachs in 2 deprived communities, organized leadership seminars for the pastors, church leaders, women and the youth. We also organized marriage seminars, donated to the prisons, orphanages and the widows/aged.

There are many more of ministry opportunities and such communities who are waiting to have a taste of fresh water for the first time in their lives.

Would you be part of this history making?

We would be glad to partner with you.

Ministry Updates



Meaningful Life International trains, mentors, and equips tomorrow’s leaders today. We have been working to teach young people, particularly those in high schools, fundamental leadership skills and biblical principles that will improve their lives and improve the communities in which they live. We believe that every individual is endowed with the capacity to be successful when given the right opportunities, direction, and support.


During the period under review, we organized a career guidance and counseling session for the students of Okuapemman Senior High School in Akropong, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. A total of about 1,000 students were in attendance.


These students received guidance from our facilitator team, who also assisted them in creating a future vision. The group allayed the concerns, apprehensions, and anxieties common to young people in this age range. The students were spoken to on the importance of venturing into a career that does not become a burden to them but a source of joy. They were also advised to brandish their talents and skills as secondary support for the career they have in mind.


It was a beautiful experience to be a voice of hope and encouragement for these young ones.  Most of the questions the students asked had to do with parental consent to their career choices and the bridge between education and skills like sewing, hairdressing, and soccer, among others.  The students were thrilled and cannot wait for yet another opportunity of this kind.


As we express our gratitude to the partners who supported us financially and in any other way, we  want to encourage you, our faithful partners, to continue to help us reach out to many more of these young generations to help shape their lives for a better future.


A very high percentage of Ghana’s population still remains unevangelized and unreached, and the Great Commission lies largely unfulfilled. According to statistics from the Ghana Evangelism Committee, only in Ghana are there 14,000 towns and villages without churches. The heart desire of Meaningful Life International, therefore, is to see churches planted in these areas that have been neglected for so long and have services and film shows with some already established churches to strengthen them.

In line with our vision, we partnered with the Shiloh Christ Life Church in Afienya in the Greater Accra Region to show the film “War Room”, a compelling drama with humor and heart that explores the power that prayer can have on marriages, parenting, careers, friendships, and every other area of our lives. At the end of the movie, we had a discussion session, and the impact was amazing.


These types of programs are necessary for strengthening rural churches and evangelizing more people for the kingdom of God. Rural communities and churches are numerous and need them. Please partner with us to spread the gospel through our film show project.


Meaningful Life International has taken up the challenge to provide safe drinking water for deprived communities by drilling boreholes in such communities. Currently, Meaningful Life International has drilled over fifty (50) boreholes for deprived communities across the country. The latest community to benefit from our borehole projects is Afatsagbleve in the Volta region of Ghana. This community now have access to clean drinking water after more than 100 years of drinking from unwholesome water sources. Today, the women and children do not have to travel long distances to fetch water from ponds and rivers for household usage. This is a huge relief! The joy and excitements on the faces of the people tells it all.

There are many more of such communities who are waiting to have a taste of fresh water for the first time in their lives. Would you be part of this history making? We would be glad to partner with you.



Meaningful Life International, in partnership with Rev. Steve Madsen, the founder of Cornerstone Fellowship USA, successfully organized a leadership conference dubbed RESTORE CONFERENCE 2023. The main goal of the conference was to empower and reenergize church and community leaders for efficient service.


The conference, which had over a hundred (100) people drawn from different churches and organizations attending, was organized in two parts.  The first one was held at the Eli Beach Resort in Keta, in the Volta region of Ghana, from April 20 through April 22, 2023. About 50 participants were present at this conference. The second part of the conference took place from April 24th through April 26th, 2023, at the Noda Hotel in Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region. Over 50 people also attended this event. Rev. Steve Madsen and his associates fully underwrote the cost of lodging and food for the six [6] day conference.


Rev. Madsen, who was the main conference speaker, taught participants using Bible characters like Moses, David, and the Three Marys. Participants were grouped into smaller numbers of five [5] people during focus group discussions after each presentation.


The conference provided participants with the chance to mingle, unwind, recharge, and revitalize for effective ministry.

All participants were left wanting more after this conference because of its impact. Every participant left the conference with maximum satisfaction. It is not surprising that they are already looking forward to the next Restore conference!

Meaningful Life International would like to thank Rev. Madsen and his faithful partners and friends for facilitating this important Restore conference 2023. On behalf of the over 100 participants who turned up for this conference, we say God richly bless you. 

Partner with us today to bring meaning to the lives of people especially the less privileged in society.




We began 2021 with seven days of fasting and prayer (from the 11th to the 17th of January) with the intention of moving forward to the next level of achievement and to prepare ourselves spiritually for the year ahead. Staff of MLI, and some of our volunteers, met each day for fellowship and to seek God’s guidance. We were confident and hopeful for a successful year.  However, the COVID-19 pandemic continued to disrupt our plans and had a negative impact financially on all of our missions.

As an organization that relies heavily on donor support to carry out our activities, we suffered a major setback in our ability to provide the support and services so desperately needed in our community. We could not implement many of the activities as planned, however, some modest gains were made through the grace and mercy of God! We remain grateful to God and our faithful partners who stood firmly with us in the mist of these difficult times.

 Water Project (Boreholes)

Access to clean water still remains a huge challenge in most of the rural communities in Ghana. Many of these communities still drink from an unclean stream which eventually dries up during the dry season. Others compete with cattle and other wild animals for water from the same source.

During the year under review, we constructed one borehole for the people of Asuboi-Maase. The progress of the project is about 85% complete.                           

Medical Outreach

In partnership with the Doron Medical Center, we were able to embark on several community medical outreach missions. In the mist of financial and logistical challenges, we were able to mobilize resources to distribute hand sanitizer and face masks to the people of Dedukorpe and Asikasu-Odumase. We are grateful for our partnership with the Church at Rancho Bernardo, in San Diego, U.S.A who helped us accomplish this. This outreach has equipped the members of these communities with some safety equipment and measures to help curb the spread of the virus, as well as encouraging them with the Word of God. There has also been a positive impact on their lives through the show of love and compassion and the feeling that someone out there is thinking about, not only their spiritual growth, but also their physical well-being.

Special Emergency Covid-19 Relief Project

We were blessed to receive support from the Church at Rancho Bernardo (CRB) to embark on our Emergency Covid-19 Relief Project in the Dedukorpe and Asikasu-Odumase communities. We provided food packages to about 200 families, which consisted of 5 kilo bags of rice, tin fish, tin tomatoes and 5-liter bottles of oil, for the two communities. Most of the beneficiaries of these food packages are widows, orphans, and the very poor and needy in the community. We also distributed hand sanitizer and face masks to over 1,000 people in these two communities.

  Jesus Film Show / Evangelism

Meaningful Life International continues to reach out to many Communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ; preaching salvation and preparing souls for the second Coming of our Lord and Savior. Our Jesus Film Show outreaches have laid the foundation for Church planting in some of these communities.

During the year under review, we organized one film show in partnership with the Hill Top Church International at Newland Taxi rank, and also embarked on a door to door evangelism campaign with the Ochs team in the Ada community and surrounding areas. A number of gospel tracts were shared and the sick prayed for. Through the film show project, many lives have been impacted with the Gospel and many souls encountered the healing power of God as they experience Jesus healing the sick.    

Church Planting              

MLI, in partnership with the Harvest Missions Chapel Assemblies of God International, and the Ochs team, planted a new church at Agorkpo, a suburb of Big Ada. The Church is doing well, and the congregation is growing by God’s Grace! We recently donated a number of plastic chairs to this church, as well as donating chairs to the church in Angornya.

Community Education

MLI works hard to combine our humanitarian aid-driven projects (the borehole projects) with an equally important empowerment component. We seek to stifle dependency and promote personal development through a meaningful relationship with God. So, in addition to going into the communities to drill boreholes, our organization also ensures that the community members are well trained on how to properly care for and maintain the boreholes. This training stresses the importance of community ownership, basic hygiene, and accountability.

This year, we embarked on community education in Asuboi-Maase and Asikasu-Odumaase in the Eastern Region of Ghana.        
 Summer Teams

The impact of summer teams to the Missions field over the years has been life transforming. During the year under review, we received some incredible summer teams who came to serve in missions with us. We hosted the Oches family and friends from the U.S.A who came to serve with us in June 2021. Together, we ministered in orphanages and special needs schools, engaged in community outreach, provided free medical care, evangelized, and planted a new church in the village of Agorkpo. Over 900 lives were positively impacted as a result of this outreach.

We also successfully hosted Dr. Ken Lenz, the board chairman of MLI, U.S.A and his wife who were here to serve our ministry and spread the Good News with us.

Special Annual Christmas Outreach

This year’s special Annual Christmas outreach (SACO) will be held in Asikasu-Odumase, a deprived community in the Upper West Akim District of the Eastern Region of Ghana. On the 25th of December, a Christmas party will be organized for the entire community. We will serve food, drinks, snacks, candies, and water to about 800 people. We will also distribute used clothing and footwear to those who are in need. The widows and pastors are especially included at this event. About 30 widows and 10 pastors will receive gift packs from our ministry. The school children of the village are also provided with school supplies to help them in their education.

SACO – 2021

Dear Ministry Partner,


 Christmas is here again and as part of our annual activities, we intend to put smiles on the faces of the children and people of Asikasu-Odumase, a deprived community in the Eastern part of Ghana by sharing the love of Christ with them. We are aware of your passion to reach out to deprived people. We, therefore, invite you to partner with us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those living in the rural community of Asikasu-Odumase.

The outreach has been scheduled to take place on the 25th December, 2021. Our activities during this outreach would include donation of items (clothing & shoes, toys, educational materials etc.) and a Christmas Party on Christmas day. The estimated budget for this outreach is a total of GHC 67,360 (Sixty-seven Thousand, Three Hundred and Sixty  Ghana Cedis ) (USD 10,948.00) . This budget includes the cost of a plate of warm meal for about 1,100 people in this community, a piece of cloth for about 100 widows, transportation to the community, purchasing of gift items etc.

You may donate a Christmas gift to a child or give your widow’s mite to one of the 100 widows by buying a piece of cloth for a widow at the cost of $25. An amount of $3 will provide a warm Christmas day meal for a child, and make this year’s Christmas memorable for them.

We are counting on your partnership, and trusting that together we can bring joy of Christmas to the people of Asikasu-Odumase. We know that God is going to use your gifts to draw many souls to Himself this Christmas.

Please find attached the budget for the entire outreach.

Thank You for your support and God richly Bless you!

Yours in-His service

Godwin Kofi Ahlijah (Ph.D.)

(Executive Director)