Team members at the opening of the borehole

The Bosome Freho District in Ghana’s Ashanti Region is home to the Anuromso Community. There are roughly five hundred (500) individuals living there, of which more than 70% are women and children. For years, the residents of this community have been using unwholesome water sources for both home and industrial uses.  Children, particularly females, frequently had to spend hours gathering water, which prevented them from routinely attending school and limited their future chances. This circumstance had negative effects on the people of the community.


In honor of Joanne Spycher, a borehole was dug for this village by Meaningful Life International in collaboration with the Hartley Spycher family.

A picture of the borehole drilled for the community

The Meaningful Life International Team, under the direction of Dr. Godwin Ahlijah (PhD), launched this significant project on September 12, 2023, for the benefit of the public. The Chief and elders of the community, the District Chief Executive, the Member of Parliament {senator}, and other dignitaries were present at the celebration.  The community was ecstatic about everything that had been given to them.

The Member of Parliament (Senator) also expressed his appreciation for what had been done. He also recounted the number of petitions he had sent to colleagues, companies, associations, and humanitarian organizations asking for their support in providing the community with a clean source of water until our team finally showed up.


Meaningful Life International would like to thank and appreciate the Hartley Spycher Family for this partnership. The community of Anuromso would have never gotten access to a clean and safe water source at this time if the family had not stepped in. Words cannot describe how happy and appreciative we are.

God richly bless you.

The plaque for the water well drilled
A picture of some team members with some leaders of the community

There are still many more ministry opportunities and such communities that are waiting to have a taste of fresh water for the first time in their lives.


We want to invite you, our cherished friend and ministry partner, to continue to partner with us to bring relief to the less privileged.

A video excerpts of what transpired at the inauguration of the water well in the Community


An invite to the Special Annual Christmas Outreach



As the holiday season approaches, the spirit of generosity and goodwill envelops communities around the world. It’s a time when people come together to celebrate, share, and make a positive impact on the lives of others.


In the heart of this tradition lies the Special Annual Christmas Outreach, a heartwarming initiative birthed by Meaningful Life International that exemplifies the true meaning of Christmas.

Children enjoying yhe Christmas time with fun activities
Some kids with their share of a hot meal Christmas present

This year’s outreach has been scheduled to take place on December 25th, 2023, in Medavunu, a deprived community in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. Our activities during this outreach will include the donation of items (clothing and shoes, toys, educational materials, etc.) to the community members, a gift package for about 70 widows, and a Christmas party for the children on Christmas day.


You may donate a Christmas gift to a child or give your widow’s mite to one of the 70 widows by buying a piece of cloth and other food items.


We are counting on your usual partnership and trusting that together we can bring the joy of Christmas to the people of the Medavunu community. We know that God is going to use your gifts to draw many souls to Himself this Christmas.

A tug of peace between members of the commjunity and volunteers
A fun face painting activity for the Children
,The Team Leader, Dr. Godwin Kofi Ahlijah, presenting some gifts to the widows of the community
A time of fun and jubilation - a true essence of Christmas

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